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Expert WordPress Webmaster, Serial Entrepreneur, Knight of the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem (OTJ) - Grand Priory of Canada.

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"When Steven does his thing, leave him be. You are witnessing a Master-at-Work."

Edward R. Mercer
The 8th Grade Mllionaire


Expert WordPress Webmaster, Serial Entrepreneur, Creator, Catholic Mystic, Student of The Way, Knight of the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem.


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Ordained Knight of the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem – Grand Priory of Canada.

 “At 10 AM on July 15th at Legacy Church (formerly POEMA), the Grand Priory of Canada held a Knighting Ceremony for Steven Arsenio, Elia Sybydlo and Stan Burgstaler (posthumously ordained). The Knighting Ceremony also honoured

Mysticism and Modern Spirituality: The Role of Mysticism in Contemporary Culture

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The Importance of having an SSL for your website

As the internet becomes an increasingly important part of our lives, the need for online security has never been more critical. An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a crucial tool for protecting your website’s


WordPress Webmaster

Previously a Founder and President of a former, prominent marketing agency to Torontos neighbouring city, Mississauga, Steven has worked on hundreds of websites during his tenure, not to mention the countless already completed prior his time with the agency.


Serial Entrepreneur

Steven has operated several ventures throughout his years, having gained immeasurable experience and making quite the name for himself along the way. His work ethic, drive and experience continues to set him apart from the crowd.


Ordre du Temple de Jersusalem (OTJ - OSMTJ)

Steven is an ordained Knight of the Grand Priory of Canada, Order of the Temple of Jerusalem (International Registration in Belgium BE801 529 945), under the mastership of H.E, Brigadier General (U.S Army Ret.) Ronald S. Mangum, PhD, JD.



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A glimpse about me as a Webmaster.

I’m an expert Webmaster, specializing in WordPress as my CMS. I have worked on a plethora of intuitive and responsive websites, the majority of which was when I previously owned a marketing agency that specialized in crafting WordPress websites for medium to small sized businesses, locally and overseas.

As a Webmaster, my current professional goal is to grow a privately owned portfolio of websites. This portfolio of websites is to behave like a private portfolio of virtual real estate in the form of online businesses.


Order of the Temple of Jerusalem

"Steven has been a committed member of the team for a number of years and can be relied upon for diligent execution of any task. He boasts solid communication skills and an outgoing, highly energetic, personality which is useful in client facing roles. Definitely a quality asset"

-Grand Prior of Canada, H.E, Lino Nevio Di Julio

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