W.G.K & D.B, D. Chev. Steven d.C Arsenio, KOTJ, GKKofC


Honourable Knight of the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem - St. Joseph's Priory (Founding Father) - Grand Priory of Canada.

Worthy Grand Knight & Dear Brother of the Order of the Knights of Columbus - J.F.K Council #5523

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"When Steven does his thing, leave him be. You are witnessing a Master-at-Work."

Edward R. Mercer
The 8th Grade Mllionaire

"When someone says you can't do something, do it twice. And take pictures."

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Updates from 2023 going into 2024

It’s been a few months since my previous blog post. In this post, I’m sharing about what’s happened since then.


Exemplification of the 4th Degree – Worthy Sir Knight Steven Arsenio

KofC 4th Degree From Left to Right: Worthy Sir Knight Ricardo Medeiros, Worthy Sir Knight Steven Arsenio & Worthy Sir Knight Stanley Bernardo On November 18th 2023, at St. Josephine Bakhita Parish in Mississauga, ON.,


Ordre du Temple de Jersusalem (OTJ - OSMTJ)

Steven is an ordained Knight of the Grand Priory of Canada, Order of the Temple of Jerusalem (International Registration in Belgium BE801 529 945), under the mastership of H.E, Brigadier General (U.S Army Ret.) Ronald S. Mangum, PhD, JD. Steven is the founding father of St. Joseph’s Priory.


Knights of Columbus (KofC)

Steven is a certified 4th Degree, Worthy Sir Knight of the Order of the Knights of Columbus. He was elected as Worthy Grand Knight of his Council; John F. Kennedy #5523 for the fraternal year of 2023/24.


"Sangue Azul" - Noble Lineage, tracing back to the 4th Century

Steven is descended of historically notable figures, of both royal and noble bloodlines. Lineage validated by João Manuel Diniz da Silva Ventura, professional genealogist of 25 years that has worked for the Government of the Azores in the field of genealogy and is currently the archivist of the Secretary of Public Works, on Terceira Island.



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A Knight by vocation

From serving the Church, to charity work, Intellectual and economical pursuits, to everything in between, the path of a Knight is limitless and it’s really what the Knight makes of it himself. Sir Knight Steven took that personally, and to heart, having grown to be one of the most forefront Knights in Canada for the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem. Although new to his role in the Knights of Columbus, the compliments have been plenty for the works and results produced already in such a short a time of his just-started tenure.

Through, and with his Orders, Steven performs a number of charitable works for his local community and has aided in the communties of Hamilton, where the Grand Priory is seated, the charitable works include assisting our less fortunate members of the community, and assisting other charities and organizations that also do the same. Steven has a heavy focus on his administrative duties to his Orders and specialises in intellectual and economical pursuits.

Image take on day of Exemplification of Knightgood to the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem

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From the treasury of D. Chev. Steven d.C Arsenio, KOTJ, GKKofC.

Order of the Temple of Jerusalem

"Steven has been a committed member of the team for a number of years and can be relied upon for diligent execution of any task. He boasts solid communication skills and an outgoing, highly energetic, personality which is useful in client facing roles. Definitely a quality asset"

-Grand Prior of Canada, H.E, Lino Nevio Di Julio

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