Resume Timeline of the Worthy Sir Knight

D. Chev. Steven d.C Arsenio, KOTJ, GKKofC

Officially invited into OSMTJ - March 20th, 2018

Steven was first invited into OSMTJ by the 2nd in Command of the entire Order of that time, The Grand Seneschal General, Timothy Bryant Jones, who awarded Steven the title of Honorary Knight (honorary title) for his impeccably vast knowledge on Templarism and Templar History.

Grand Priory of Canada - March 22nd, 2019

During his time as an honorary Knight, Steven continued his personal works of intellectual pursuits on templarism, the Order and its history, arduently showcasing them within the American priories. the former Grand Seneschal T. Bryant introduced Steven to the Grand Prior (now Emeritus) of Canada, Keven Ellis. Steven began working with the Order and would also start contributing his time towards volunteering in their charitable causes. 

Official Prospect of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem - June 23rd, 2019

Steven would go on to continue his works of intellectual pursuits and education, showcasing his works to the American Priories while also continuing to work in-person with the Grand Priory of Canada. On April 2019, Steven recruited his first initiate – Elia Sybydlo, while only carrying an honorary title of Knighthood – work that is typically reserved for exemplified Knights looking to become Knight Commanders. Elia and Steven would continue to volunteer with the Grand Priory. On June 23rd, Steven and Elia were both signed on officially as prospects of the Order in the Grand Priory of Canada.

Administrative Duties - 2020

Steven would go on to build a name for himself, building rapport with some fellow Brother Americans and their Grand Prior who was also the Grand Seneschal of the Order. During this time, Steven was delegated with the writing of the correspondence on behalf of the Order, to the Mayor of Tomar – Sra. Anabela Freitas, Presidente da Camara. Continuing on with service to the Grand Priory of Canada in it’s charitable works, Steven remained dedicated to the cause and its works while balancing his duties to the administrative confederation as well.

History is Grand - October 2021 - October 2022

During this time, Steven befriended the Grand Historian (now Emeritus), Daniel Clausen, GOTJ. Due to the love of history between the both of them, especially that of the Order, they would periodically bounce their intellectual pursuits off of each other, more-so Daniel than Steven, due to his already attained intellectual poweress, his already established name in the academic community and also given his priviledged access to information and the means of going about it due to his title and position. Steven would spend quite the bit of time learning from Daniel, and notably, Steven would later go on to impress the Grand Historian with revealing corrections on published works of the Order that was publicly available.

Granted a Mission - October 7th, 2022

Having cultivated a fraternal bond with Chev. Daniel Clausen, GOTJ (Emeritus), Steven was entrusted with a mission with important historical ties to both World and Templar History. Admittingly, the mission is stupendously difficult and would require surplus resources that is just not currently available to the Order and/or its members. But if you think that deterred Steven, well than… you don’t know Steven. Knowing the level of difficulty attached to this conquest, Steven still accepted the task, gratefully. Knowing he would probably not successfully complete this task, he did not care and went straight to work.

Antique Knights Decorations Est. 1705 - March 2nd, 2023

During this time, and because of the mission granted by Chev. Daniel Clausen, GOTJ (Emeritus), Steven successfully identified an authentic relic of the Order dating back to the 1700’s, being sold on market by an obscure bookshop in France. Having the relic validated as authentic by the Grand Historian, Daniel Clausen, GOTJ (Emeritus), Steven purchased the relic and had it shipped to Canada, where it is now in the Arsenio Treasury – A Knights Decorations Set of the Order from the timeframe of 1705 – when H.E Phillippe II, Duke of Orleans, later Regent of France, was Grand Master of L’Ordre du Temple. This was Stevens first major win, all thanks to a side quest that stemmed from an “impossible” mission. For this accomplishment, Steven earned the right to wear the Knights Decorations of antiquity, the very one he attained (only after the exemplification of Knighthood and the title of Chevalier had been bestowed). The decorations were fully acquired and in complete possession of D. Chev. Steven Arsenio when it was announced to the Grand Priory of Canada on March 2nd, 2023.

Mercado Templario - May 28th, 2023

On May 28th 2023, Steven announced to the Grand Priory of Canada the launch of Mercado Templario. Mercado Templario was launched for a few motivating factors. Primarily, there were growing numbers of unaffiliated individuals exploiting the templar name and banner online. Mercado Templario would be created as an official online templar shop to create a vacuum-seal in knocking out the unaffiliated that just look to seek a selfish profit. Secondly, Mercado Templario acts as a vehichle of a means of permanent fundraising for the Order, something that is very much needed. Lastly, it is intended that it would give fellow Knights an opportunity to sell their artisan goods and crafts online via Mercado Templario, opening up doors to all accredited Templars for an opportunity to make extra money by selling their goods to the public via Mercado Templario platform.

Knighted into the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem (OTJ) formerly known as Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jerusalem (OSMTJ) - Saturday, July 15th, 2023 at 10 AM

On this day, Steven was officially Knighted into the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem. The exemplification took place at Legacy Church, formerly known as POEMA in Hamilton, Ontario, under the seal of the Grand Priory of Canada. You can read more in this blog post.

Historical Discoveries July 17th - July 23rd, 2023

In the serendipity of having received the honours of Knighthood, Steven was just enjoying himself, reflecting on memories, looking back on his journey while planning forward. Not knowing how he remembers, he suddenly was hit with a memory that he had when he was in Portugal a few years back. While in Ponta Delgada, Steven visited a library that is beside either a church or convent, which is across the street from an old convent which is now a museum. There, he would go to look for and find all the books he could on templarism and the Order of Christ. Pictures were taken. There was this one very specific picture that had come to mind. Immediately, he went searching for the image, and found it. Upon inspection, he immediately recognized what he was looking at, and was in immediate shock, not knowing how he could have possibly missed this previously. By some freak sign of nature, the book of which this image was taken of, was remembered. Turns out the book is rare. A copy was found and immediately purchased. This historical research project is currently a work in progress and has been deemed extremely classified with only 2 other people knowing about the nature and importance of this endeavour. 1 of them being Chev. Daniel Clausen, former Grand Historian of the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, who reiterated that this could change what we know about Modern Templarism, as the information was unknown/lost/forgotten history with direct relevance to the Order of Christ and to L’ordre du Temple. Also, during this timeframe, Steven had found and identified an authentic and original artifact of the Order. Unfortanately this time, Steven couldn’t immediately purchase this item due to its extreme rarity and exorbitant pricetag. This is also an important work currently in progress with grand importance, it would be a MONUMENTAL win for even the Order as a whole. This project has been deemed completely classified and it’s unsure how many people outside of Steven know the details.

Knights of Columbus - September 5th - November 18th, 2023

On September 5th 2023, Steven was received as a member of the Knights of Columbus. He received the first 3 degrees within the same day and was also elected the Grand Knight of John F. Kennedy Council #5523 for the fraternal year of 2023/2024 on the recommendation of his predecessor, Vince Fernandes, the Worthy Past Grand Knight of the last 7 years to JFK Council #5523. On November 18th 2023,  Steven received his 4th degree, earning the title of Worthy Sir Knight, at an exemplification held at St. Josephine Bakhita Church in Mississauga, Ontario. 

The Founding of St. Joseph's Priory - September 15th, 2023

On September 15th 2023, Steven announced to the Grand Priory of Canada the founding of St. Joseph’s Priory, of which he is the founding father. This was a task that was previously given about a year before by the Grand Prior of Canada, Lino Nevio DiJulio and seconded by Grand Marshall of Canada, Kevin Bowron. And so off, Steven went, doing what Steven does. During this time, Steven went and wrote the St. Joseph’s Priory Handbook – 65 pages of the intricate detailed workings of the Priory, from operations, to structure, regulations and requirements, virtually everything is covered. He also established and wrote the Priory’s Parliamentary Procedure, Scripts and Protocols for Priory meetings as well as a seperate Script and Protocols for the administrative members meetings, and lastly but not least, he also wrote the Priory’s Rules and Guidelines.

Worthy Grand Knight & Dear Brother,
Monsieur (Dom) Chevalier

Steven d.C Arsenio, KOTJ, GKKofC

Knight of the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, Founding Father of St. Joseph’s Priory.
Sir Knight of the 4th Degree of the Order of the Knights of Columbus, Grand Knight of John F. Kennedy Council #5523.

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"It is an honour and a priviledge to be able to serve at the capacity that I am serving at. For me, this isn't a job, or some simple volunteering opportunity, this isn't a simple vocation or even just a calling. All of this; this is me. This is who I am. I would be doing this irregardless."

D. Chev.
Steven Arsenio

"If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life."

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