I study obsessively & learn arduently with a faithful hope
that I'll keep growing in reverent wisdom.

About Me

  • 31 Years Old
  • Born and raised in Toronto
  • Vocation: Knight
  • Roman Catholic
  • Webmaster
  • Entrepreneur
  • Creative


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D. Chev.
Steven Arsenio

A first generation Canadian born and raised in Toronto’s Little Portugal, Steven has always had close connections to his Portuguese roots and was brought up in a traditional Portuguese household and way of life. 

Humble Beginnings

The past experiences that life has thrown at Steven has made him who he is today, just like everybody else. The difference is in the choices made. While most relished in the facade that the world has to offer, Steven wholly rejected it, citing that, “I’m not falling for this shit.” Having been subjected to poverty in his early youth in a major city like Toronto, the least we can say is that, Steven used to be a complete 180 degrees of the man he is today, beating the vast majority of statitistics of his profile, making him a literal living, statistical anomoly.

“Unimpressed with the world, I’m off to build my own.”

Monsieur (Dom) Chevalier Steven d.C Arsenio

Some people are made, some people are born with it, and then there are those rare few who are both.


Documentation beats conversation, any day of the week. My vocational documentation comes in the form of a visual timeline known as ‘My Resume’.


“They will know me by my works

before they even meet me.”

Creative, Entrepreneur, Webmaster.

Being an entrepreneur throughout the entirety of his life thus far, Steven has amalgamated a plethora of skillsets that are critical to the success of any enterprise operating in the 21st century. His main skillsets are marketing, web design and development. His specialization is using WordPress as a CMS. He excels in the field, having worked on hundreds of different brands and websites.

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