Elected Grand Knight of J.F.K Council #5523 Knights of Columbus

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On September 5th, 2023, I was welcomed into the Knights of Columbus and elected as the Grand Knight of J.F.K Council #5523.

Having immediately achieved the 3rd degree in the Order of the Knights of Columbus, the next and last degree, the 4th degree, also known as the Knighthood Degree, will be achieved shortly, God willing.

As the Grand Knight of this council, my goals for this fraternal year is to really make a statement. It is my clear intent to achieve all the available awards for our council this year. This can only be achieved through teamwork and performance. As much as I would love to go more into detail about how we will accomplish this, and more, I’d be violating the Laws of the Order of which I cannot disclose Order business with people outside of the council, and so, respectfully, I won’t.

Irregardless, I pray this fraternal year is a memorable one for all my Dear Brothers, and I pray I underpromise and overdeliver on everything.

For His Glory.
Vivat Jesus!

W.G.K & D.B, D. Chev. Steven d.C Arsenio, KOTJ, GKKofC

Last modified: December 1, 2023

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